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I have a 2021 PA Special with adaptive ride height. This is the best and most versatile bike I have ever owned.
I took delivery in May 2021, the first Pan delivered by my dealer. Lone Wolf H-D in Spokane, WA.


Software glitches, bike not recognizing the fob, and without letting you enter PIN to start.
I have had 2 or 3 software upgrades, Replaced the fob battery (recommended annually)
Those issues seemed resolved now.
One time at a gas station, the bike would not start, I called dealer, pissed off. Dig this!! They told me to walk
away from the bike by at least 20 feet, for 2 minutes. When I returned, it started right up. WTF?

Oil Consumption??? The motor seems to "use oil" somewhere, as my dip stick is typically low.
The dip stick itself is hard to read accurately, on either stand. I use Syn 3 Harley oil.
Oil consumption seems to be a common issue with this motor, just from reading the posts headlines.
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