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Kind of a dreary, rainy day in central NC so thought it would be a good time to install my most recent addition of the A1 risers. These risers raise the height two inches and bring the bars back one inch.

After reading a couple reviews on this forum, watching some videos, and investigating other risers I pulled the trigger last Saturday. Since A1 is in NC I actually received the risers on Monday which was amazing speed. I entered the order Saturday morning about 9:00 and A1 packaged and shipped same day on a Saturday. That's old school getting it done.

Install went very smoothly. Directions are good. Quality is top notch. I did notice when bolting in the threads seemed a little tight in spots. I simply ran the bolts in and out once. Some small shavings came out as expected. Risers are very well made.

I also noticed as others have that if you completely lock the bars in either direction the risers come close to the tank. They didn't hit though and how often do you completely lock handlebars anyway.

Just for the heck of it I measured and indeed there is exactly two inches of lift and one inch horizontal.

Couldn't ride yet but position is much more comfortable to me. I'm sitting almost completely straight in a more relaxed position. Standing position felt good as well.

No comments on my nasty garage completely overfilled with crap please 😀

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