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I got my Givi rack a few days ago.
Today I received my my tire inflator. Fanttik X8 Apex Pics below. I will continue to post my adv build. AKA post apocalyptic build.
Full side and top racks - Givi out back trekker -https://giviusa.com/collections/pan-america-1250-21-22

Pic space for later to night updated
These are fairly easy to install. The Directions are a pain to read.
Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Bicycle frame Carbon

Circuit component Electronic instrument Musical instrument accessory Audio equipment Electronic component

Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Automotive tire Bumper Automotive design Bicycle part Rim

Automotive tire Automotive design Rim Automotive exterior Automotive wheel system

EMP Protection
This kit contains one Transient Reducing Auxiliary Plug (T.R.A.P.), one T.R.A.P.-B, and two 0.72″ inner diameter high-saturation automobile ferrites.
What is a T.R.A.P.™?
The Transient Reducing Auxiliary Plug (or T.R.A.P.) is a multi-purpose transient reducing device used to reduce electrical transients in cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, etc. It plugs directly into the vehicle’s 12-Volt auxiliary power outlet (aka the cigarette lighter).
What will a T.R.A.P.™ protect against?
The T.R.A.P.™ is designed to guard against very fast transients from any source. These could be a result of vehicle transients from load changes (such as your A/C kicking on and off), conducted transients from a charging port, or radiated energy from a nearby lightning strike or an overhead electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Light Product Automotive lighting Font Auto part

Pic heavy thread!!!
Fanttik Tire inflator - Fanttik
Computer keyboard Font Space bar Peripheral Input device

Mobile phone Input device Peripheral Computer keyboard Liquid

Luggage and bags Sleeve Rectangle Bag Font

Note: It was on sale for 85 dollars
Patch kit
First aid kit
Extra tires

More to come


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I also bought some new meat for my wheels. If you have these please let me know what you think. The price has jumped on amazon
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Synthetic rubber

Continental TKC70 Rocks Rear Tire (170/60R-17)
Continental TKC70 Front Tire (120/70-19)

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Looks good, No top case? I have just received my monkey top case hardware and now I am trying to decide if I want the 42L outback trekker or the 58L outback trekker? I am thinking I will go soft bags for the sides but I do like the look you have there, what size side panniers is that? Do you have a top box? If so I would love to see a pic of your top box from the back and what size it is?
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