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I've been a member here since I purchased my RA1250S. It has been a fantastic resource of knowledge and experience and I am truly grateful for all of the postings.
I noticed something recently, there seems to be an over-abundance of complaint related posts and a lack of positive posts. I found myself guilty of the same thing when I went down the rabbit hole on the radiator hose issue. I tried to post information that would be helpful to others, but, I could not help but think that some of it was an exercise in therapy for myself. (Venting)
Let's all try and commit to posting something positive to encourage all of us to continue to learn and discuss the great adventure we have all taken to.
I'll Start............
By comparison to the 20+ bikes I have owned in the last 40 years, this is by far my favorite. As far as horsepower, it will wipe the floor with my Ducati Multistrada and come in at almost 95 lbs lighter.
I love the consistency in the size and type of fasteners used on the bike. Makes for less tools carried and less laying on the garage floor.
I was not a fan of the color choices initially, but now, find myself thinking they are all equally cool.
Aftermarket manufacturers are scrambling to build more and more parts each week to add to this already awesome machine.
Not a day goes by that I wish I'd bought something else.

What do you all have that makes it a Great Bike to own?

See you out there.

2022 Pan America Special
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Wow, 20+ bikes is a lot. For me the Pan America is my 10th bike since I started riding in the late 1970's. I too think this is my favorite bike to date. I love the power, the ride and handling. I also love the weight, it is so much lighter than my Road Glide Limited I traded for it. I've only had it for not quite 2 months but I enjoy it every time I take it out. It is a blast to ride.

Ride safe.

PAS RA1250S Deadwood Green Spokes & ARH
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It's truly a great motor, it's super comfortable and the most stable and planted bike I've ever owned. It also attracts more attention than any other bike I've owned, the amount of, nice bike mate comments the bike gets is off the scale, even when filthy dirty, which happens. I can get 200+ miles from a tank if I need to, 180ish when ridden progressively, that's fine. Suspension has quirks, but overall is good, comfort or control can be selected as the mood/conditions dictate. Sport mode is a laugh and the bike can really be hustled along thanks to it feeling so planted, 6th gear is an overdrive, the digi dash is good and better with the 2022 update. Brakes don't feel that sharp, they work but I'd like more bite, think I'll change to SBS Evo pads, had great results with those in the past. Choose your product

Pillion comfort is also good, with the plastic grab rails being the only let down :( Our's snapped, but then I knew I had overloaded it before we left, we got 250 miles south and it went all floppy, only being held on with two Rock straps and the one single bolt which bolts into the plastic brake light shroud. Weight ahem, 'saving' taken too far let's think :oops:

A friend came to our rescue. He rode 30 miles to meet us the next day, we loaded our 52L Givi Maxia huge box which looked massive on all previous bike, but looks compact on the PAS.

Dave fetched the box on the back of his Honda 750 DCT moto, where's the clutch lever, Dave? To which he replies. Piss off! Back to his gaff and luggage safely tucked away for collection, later. I did phone Harley Assist, they couldn't find me or the bike to start with, thank me for holding, and then offered recovery the next morning to Manchester HD, they'd put me and my long suffering wife, in a hire car, that okay?

No thanks, we shall soldier on. Hotel handy man offered the use of his drill and cable ties and next thing you know it's more bodged up than a bodger in field of bodges. Top man. Sans top box the rack survived the rest of the tour without issue, handily, it snapped beyond the rear of the grab rails, so my wife could still HOLD ON! Baby :D

So what's a man to do.... Replace it with something made of metal. The rails and tiny rack will be quietly removed and placed into long-term forgettage. I had a look at the budget which is tighter than two coats of paint, and bought yin o' these - Luggage Carrier + Holder for Harley Pan America 1250 / Special 21-22 Bagtecs SLP Luggage Rack

It was shipped the same day which is a nice 'positive' note to end on. Enjoy the weekend folks. DG
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