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This B5M model has the ability to set everything in the menu. From disabling the screensaver, disabling the G-shock sensor, to many other enable/disable capabilities. The GPS is built into the Controller, so no need for another cable to be attached and module to be mounted. I chose to mount the Host (Screen) under my passenger seat that has a storage area. I didn't want to clutter my handlebars with the screen and all the wires. Having it mounted in the passenger seat storage area, kept the majority of the wires together. The only wire I really needed to run was the front camera wire. The power connections were right in front of the passenger seat storage area. The rear camera cable routed easily into the storage area. The only Item I exposed was the Controller to allow me to lock a video, take a picture, and record the audio. There is also a little blue flashing LED on the Controller to indicate the system is recording. No LED when recording is stopped.

Instead of mounting the Host screen, I decided to use my cell phone, mounted on my handlebars, and the device's app in wifi mode. This way I can see the front or rear camera. I can stop or start the recording if needed. I can also take a picture if needed. The wifi app worked just fine. So far everything is working perfectly.

I used the spare heated gear connector, with a y-cable, to power the camera and my GPS.

The pic of the back camera may look like it's in front of the tail light, but it is not.
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Nice, I had a B1M model on my Road Glide for a few seasons but then it was glitchy. I now have an INNOVV K3 and the video is excelent. I have cameras in all my vehicles and it has saved my butt a few times for insurance purposes when someone has tapped into me but claims otherwise
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