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Hey guys,

All the way from Australia here, Gday!

Picked up my 21 PA special this week. SE exhaust, tune, filter and laced wheels.
Dealer put it in transport mode.
Trailered it home as it was absolutely crashing down with rain for the 2 hour trip.

Got it off the trailer at home and the battery was showing 11.4v and it wouldnt start and would just tick over 1/2 a turn.
I thought maybe we didnt put it in transport mode properly.. oh well... put it on the charger.

Next morning, i came out and tried to start it, this time it needed a pin number.
Thats odd.. Fob doesnt work, tried a few things.. no deal.
I needed to go to work, so i thought id pop into the dealer anyway and ask for the pin which is the default last 5 digits of the VIN and instead of the 0 use a 1. Picked up some fob batteries on the way.
Cool.. got home entered the pin and bike started woohoo.
Fob battery changed and it still woudnt detect.
Coudlnt really find anything on a forum specifically related to my problem as the fob was working at the dealership and wasnt when i got home.
Tried all sorts of things, eg, turning off home wifi mesh system
moving it down the drive away from house etc.

Today i thought id take out the battery and check all the connections and cables etc as some reports have said some cables can rub through.
I found this bolt loose enough to move the negative cable with your fingers - See pic
Tightened it up and it detected the fob straight away! Awesome.
Now to wait for the rain to stop so i can go for a ride.
Hoping this may help someone in the future!!

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