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Hi all:

Last: Jan 21th, updated to ver. 2.0.20220127

Indicating : We're fixing bugs and making improvements all the time.
Keep your app up to date for the best experience.


Some help, since MoCo seems not to explain or help about this app:

I suffered too many problems with the app since day 1 with this.

My setup:
Installed on Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G.
Installed on Xiaomi Note 10 Pro to check if problems was originated from Samsung configuration, Miui or else. Result: same problems.

I advice unistall HD app and unistall Here Wego. After install first Here Wego and second HD app.

Look for battery options in the configuration menu. Check HD app and Here Wego are includes in NO limits in background usage group. Very important, check it, because previous version of HD was not allowed change this configuration. Because it, you need unistall and reinstall.
Turn off Power save (or similar). Not allow optimize energy or battery usage on HD or Here Wego apps.

At Here we are app would be interesting download maps of your region. Maintain online (I will check if offline works).

Lets see if this update and reconfiguration works because this app is really bad maintaining map on screen without get on and visible the screen on the phone at same time ( no comments).

Issues with Spotify: on another post here.

To be continued...

For Mr HD: Adv bike and only onroad maps???

Please, any advice, update, etc, would good to be posted here for everybody get help with the app issues.

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Fresh news: The display still show same problems: you need maintaining the screen of the smartphone on to allow update of the display map.question: If I need to maintain the app running in my smartphone and the display showing it (on mode)...Really need I the display app on too?
I have not any idea about what to do to maintain the HD app running and updating the display map.?
Thanks too much

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FEB, 14th 2022, Monday.

Last Updated version on Android Play:

Here my config:

Last Multimedia (and installed at my new dealer), the updated version with bigger fonts.

Phone: Samsung Note 20 5G. Last Updated installed. All .

Intercom: Schubert SC1 Advanced. Updated.

Extensively checked last weekend.

Well, seems the app show same problems: Only work for few minutes or not work. Map is only showed around home. Off line download do no work. Resetting phone do not change results.

And a new problem: Pairing intercom only work for once. If the bike go switch off and on again, it's impossible get paired. So you need erase the intercom in the bike menu and start complete pairing again.

I could change all battery usage configuration after saw all faults are the same before the previous updated versions, looking for maintain working in background the app, without batt usage limit, data fully accesible, etc.

Worst: before, you can erratic get the app working, and all time maintain the app on the phone screen and the screen working (on)..here my question about the utility of the app if you need get the phone working and the screen on with the app in first at same time.

This will be my last report about this rubbish app and infortainment system of the Pan. I've given up trying to get this app to work and I'm not going to waste any more of my time with this crappy software. I have choose use Osmand in my smartphone or my Zumo XT paired with my intercom and phone if I need more dedicated and robust infortainmet system. This combo work ok in my others bikes.

If anybody have more experience or advice, It would be very good and welcome.
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