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How do you do, fellow kids? Just cracked 1000 miles on my 2022 Pan America and was browsing around and figured I should come in and say hi! If you've got signatures disabled, I'm a Service Advisor at a dealership in Louisiana so I have some insider knowledge on a lot of this stuff if it's ever needed. I'm sure a lot of you have questions that your local guys might just sigh or huff and puff about, I know when my customers come at me with the random stuff I've gone sigh "Do what now?" 🤣 So, I'm here in case you've got some stuff that your local is either giving you the run-around on, or if you want to verify backorder, I can do it! What I can't do is make your dealer do anything (unless of course, we're your dealer lol!); I can't step on their toes, basically. But I can be helpful!

I traded in a much loved but rarely ridden 2016 Roadster for this bike, and so far I'm not regretting that decision one bit (aside from how raucous the Roadster was 😜 it really is a fun one) ; so if any of you are or know someone interested in a pretty sweet little 1200 send me a DM!

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