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Hey everyone, long time HD owner here picked up a PanAm 11 days ago currently have 507 miles on her. I was daily riding a 2020 Vstrom 650ABS and loved the bike but it completely went against my Harley roots (born and raised on HD motorcycles) haha! When i got home I adjusted the clutch to my liking, thoroughly went over the bike and found the rear turn signals hooked up backwards, simple fix just pulled the rear plate off and swapped the plugs into the correct connectors. set up a custom ride mode (Road mode w/ suspension locked at height). Took off the second battery tender harness the dealer added to the battery hanging out of the skid shield since there's one already on the tail section. pulled out the heated gear plugs since were seeing 40 degrees here many mornings on my way into work. Adjusted mirror stems. Had some codes come up and block out my ride modes for a few short minutes so keeping an eye out for anything else that may pop up but overall I absolutely love this machine w/ no regrets thus far. Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving and you too are enjoying that new breed PanAm!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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