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Hi there,

I'm new to ADV world, although have hit some miles on the paved roads (on Harley Sportglide 2018).

I like nature camping and have been curious about adventure motorcycling for quite a while, but have always got intimidated by the size of the your go-to adv bikes - the GS, KTM, Honda AT (I'm 180cm or 5'11). I had decided to go with a Triumph 900 - loved the way the bike feels, and overall Triumph quality is fantastic - when the new Pan Am was released, so I thought I wait until I can ride and compare.

Well, took it for a test ride in August 2021. The bike is so much fun, and so "lean" compared to the monsters that rule in this class. I placed my order the next day, and now I'm waiting for the bike to come in March 2022.

I'm not much into hard enduro stuff, rather want to extend my travels to wild-nature locations, and my riding environment is mostly commuting, with an occasional trip for a few days, with a must have 1 or 2 larger trips (5k+) every year.

Thanks for having me here.
You won't be sorry.
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