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Really hope this is a dumb question - but I can’t find a switch, a button, a setting in the menu, or an answer in the owners manual… but how in the heck does the light come on?
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😁 no worries, it's a new bike. You can't, take a ride a dark. That is your turn/lean light. There's three lights that turn on at different angles on to help light the turn... similar to some cars/vehicles.

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Its really good to know about this to turn on LED light under windshield?
the curvelight has 3 stages to turn on, 8;15;23 degree.
the other thing is, if you programming the pan and you want to save battery do this:
FOB nearby
push the tripmaster-button for a view seconds. 3-10
see whats happend....

only the parking light and the computer turns on. Programm as you desire.

best regards
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