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We all have a story about how we discovered our community.

Maybe you stumbled upon this forum by chance or were actively looking for others who shared your interests and passions.

Did someone point you in the right direction? Who and what led you here? We’d love to hear how you found PanAmericaForums.com.

Thank you for being a part of this community! 😊

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Obviously I was searching/looking for PA information as I'm and It's new to the adv world and stumbled onto/into this site. Don't remember why I became a member, if I had a question or wanted to add my .02 to a post.

Now it's over a year and 200 posts since then and I have gotten some great info/ideas, read some headaches/heartaches, some laughs, some real doozies (belt drive?!😂), overall feel of a community and hopefully it'll continue.

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I've seach google to find this awesome place.
Now the PanAm calls for a lot of attention from the ADV riders, so one day I've met some guys on KTM's and boom, met a lot of members, and doing some trails already with the group.
But this is my favorite place to search and give my 2 cent opinion on issues with the PanAm.
So far none fiund on my bike already with 4k since october 5th.
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