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It's a real Harley. I've owned a Harley since I bought a FXR off the showroom floor in March of 1992, and also own and ride Buells, which, by the way, are not Harleys. I think the Motor Company has dedicated a lot time, effort, and money to attract younger riders over the years, without much to show for the outlay in capital. Not long ago they made a big effort with multiple "Sportster" variants (just check any of the HOG magazines from about 2009 to 2019), and still not much of the younger generation clicked with the brand. It's also widely assumed that part of the initial partnership with Buell were under the auspices of younger riders buying Buells and then "graduating" to Harleys - - another effort with very limited success.

Which brings me to my main point - - after the initial rave reviews of the Pan America, and the technological effort to get the bike the bike to market, what will really will "win" new members into the Harley community is the company's effort to embrace this bike and the adventure riding crowd at the dealership level. As a dedicated Buell rider, I've experienced first-hand the "second class citizen" treatment when attempting to get parts or service from various Harley dealers over the years. Some dealers were great and considered the Buells as part of the family, others, not so much. . . What I think will help this effort is that the Revolution Max engine is already been adopted in a Sportster, and I would imagine will find its way into the rest of the Harley models in the coming years, which, if memory serves was not an option for the V-Rod Revolution engine when it debuted a few decades ago (something about engine size compared to the other models frame dimensions).

So yes, I think it's a real Harley. Great dealer network (in the US) and from what I've seen so far the dealers seem to be excited about this bike, great technology, already transferring the engine into other Harley models all bodes well and reinforces the fact that this bike is the real deal. . .

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