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Is the PA “a real Harley”? Are the Glides, Softails, Dyna’s and Sporties “more real”? What defines a Harley? Does anybody seriously care? I don’t really care but it’s clearly a subject that’s up for debate, according to some.

Well, it’s got a v-twin and the HD shield painted on the tank. That’s a good argument for a Harley. Then again I’ve ripped mine up gravelly hillsides, happily laid her gently into the mud, and the horizon down the end of the highway is now only one of several options. The hills and trails to either side of the main strip beckon just as loud. CAN an Electra Glide tear through quarries, torn up underpasses and farm roads? Maybe. But is that their bread and butter? I don’t really think so. And an Electra Glide is surely a real Harley.
Would someone help me finish my thought?
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