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2021 Deadwood (OD) Green PanAm, 2007 Pearl Yellow RK Custom
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Absolutely! Was gonna end with that but.... My take, what is the beemer GS, suzuki storm, honda africa twin, and so on? Each and every manufacturer has many pokers in the fire, hell what doesn't honda make? So yes, very much a HD. Not positive but KTM and HD are the ones that pretty much make 2 wheels?!

Now (off topic little) one could argue (which they do) the 04-06 GTOs aren't really a GTO! However, this working stiff can't afford a "real" one but am very happy/satisfied and it makes me grin when I drive my 05 GTO!😁 And I'm getting the same but different feeling while on my HARLEY DAVIDSON PA!

So naysayers will continue but I'm gonna still enjoy my "whatever" they want to call them.

Speaking of I hear the road a calling, I must go! ✌
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