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Simple answer. Yes it’s a real Harley.

I’m old enough to know this isn’t the first time we had this exact same argument. When the Vrod was released the same thing happend, and that’s now a bike most people look favourably on.

For whats it’s worth this is my take on it. Harley is famous for big tourers, but big tourers aren’t selling to the younger crowd. So something needs to change if Harley want to be around in 5 or 10 years. Don’t get me wrong I’ve got a Dyna Wide Glide and I’ve traded in my Ultra Limited for the Pan. I love the big tourers and their great at what there designed to do. If diversifying the range means Harley can still make the big touring bikes along side the, lets call it newer Harleys then it’s a win win. If you like the new Harleys get one, but if you like the big tourers there still there to buy.

I’d love to see more of them. The Bronx will hopefully get resurrected on the back of the Pan’s success. I honestly think the best thing Harley can do, in the European market anyway is to produce an A2 compliant bike at a competitive price, say £5000 to £7000. Once you get someone on a Harley they tend to be brand loyal after that, and everyone remembers their first proper bike fondly. Even it if was the only thing you could afford and was falling to bits.

Just my take on it anyway. Or as some who know me would say, the ramblings of an old bugger.
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