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On May 24th I placed an order for the new Challenger panniers, rack, and accessories for my '22 HD Pan America from Jesse Luggage Systems, understanding that they were on backorder like many other accessories for this bike. Jesse immediately debited my bank account for the $2200 purchase and then I started to wait for the 4-6 weeks that was advertised as the wait time. At the end of June, I wanted an update on the order and replied to the email receipt they had sent to me when I placed the order but received no response. Then I went to their website and sent a message to the link on the website but received no response. Then I called them and received a message that their mailbox was full. I've now called six times and sent four emails, all with no response.

Jesse's reputation is a good one, known for producing quality goods. I've also read in various forums and posts that their customer service is somewhat lacking. But really, ignoring ten attempts to contact them seems a bit much.

Does anyone have a favorable experience with this vendor lately? I'm trying to be patient, but I'm a bit upset that they would debit my bank account for the $2200 purchase immediately and now seven weeks later won't respond to my inquiries.
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