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I use to be a staunch Harley Road Glide guy. Then, another couple my wife and I ride with got into adventure bikes. Finally, about a year and a half ago, I bought a cheap KTM 1190 as an experiment and to try keep up with them. It turned out to be an amazing bike that was an incredible kick-in-the-pants. Next thing I know I'm riding the Road Glide less and less. It was ridiculously expensive to insure both so I finally decided it might be time to get down to one bike.

I'd heard the Pan America hype and was really curious. I was at the dealer back in March when they FINALLY came in, but every one that was coming in was already pre-sold. I wasn't ready to commit to an untested, unproven, unreviewed, bike, nonetheless I put my name on several lists for a test ride, thinking I was doing it just for fun. Then, back in June, I got a call saying they had one available because the guy's financing fell through. After an amazing test ride, I fell in love with it, but wasn't ready and the deal wasn't right. Besides, I'm a Road Glide guy... I was told to never buy a first year bike... I'd hate to get a bike that's supposed to be the best of both worlds only to find out it can't do either. If I wait until spring, there may be more options.. Gotta sell the other two bikes first... Lots of excuses.

Now here it is, October and pretty close to the end of the riding season and I get a call from the dealer. They have a special deal for above book on your trade. It just so happens they have the bike I want at one of their other locations. It's the only one available with spoked wheels left in Western Canada (well, the only one I could find). The next thing I know, it's in my garage.
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Congrats on picking up your Pan America @Muttley! Welcome to the forum! How do find it compares to the KTM 1190 that you had before? Have you been able to get any good rides in on it so far?
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