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2022 HD PAS
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This looks like a great site, but needs more traffic and content. Figured I might help add to it. (y)

I bought my 22 PAS used from Boswell's Ring of Fire HD in Madison TN, great folks. Got a great deal on it as they thought it was a 21. LOL Only during the paperwork stage and me getting insurance did the insurance co let me know it was a 22. They stuck to their pricing and shrugged it off. Gave me a better deal especially since I could get the extended warranty through HD.

I've thoroughly enjoyed this bike. I never thought I'd buy a new bike from HD again as the pricing for new bikes is just out of control and somehow folks are still snapping them up.

The previous owner only put 700 miles on it and accessorized the hell out of it. Hard black bags, skid plate, etc. He dropped it off in the dirt and probably scared the crap out himself. It has some scratches in the guards. They replaced the front fender. I had to straighten out the front forks to handlebars. Overall in very excellent condition even though it was dropped. You wouldn't know unless I showed it to you. Even then, this is a bike that doesn't need to be polished and kept super clean at all times like a typical HD demands. Who cares? It'll get scratches and get dirty.

I've added risers that rise 2" and pullback 1". Rokform phone mount. Vance & Hines slipon exhaust. And my favorite, a full compliment of Denali Electronics lighting with their CAN controller. Very nice stuff.
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