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Hello all
well i have dipped my toe in and bought a PAS in black. I have ridden Harleys for many years so this type of bike is new to me . First impressions are good but on the 3rd day of riding loads of fault codes !! I guess this is the norm ? I should say i am from Dorset UK
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Hey STIRNINJA. Welcome to the group. I started a thread regarding some problems I’ve been having with my bike including codes. You can click my profile and find it there or here. I’ll be updating this thread in a few minutes and I’ll comment about the codes and what I know of them and this bike.
….and black looks nice on this bike.
Hello STIRNINJA wellcome here.
I had that Problem too. But after delete all codes i runs.
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Welcome to the club. As for codes, if their showing a historical and your getting no other symptoms I’d delete them.
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Congrats on your new PanAm and welcome from Italy :)

The Codes are faults from other catalysts such as the known battery issues, throttle control issues, etc... Have the Dealer update all firmware for the bike and you will not have the issues again. Some folks are holding out for recalls, but ECM updates are normal and all of my Auto Dealers have always updated them during every maintenance. For some reason, I had to request it with Harley, This is all new to them.

Keep in mind that these bikes are highly dependent on the electronics and keeping updates up to date is going to be key.
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