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Hey all,

I've been riding my entire life and I'm about 1/2 a century old now. Like many in their late teens and 20's... oh Hell, even into my 30's I rode "crotch rockets". I started with a XR650L, then to a ZX750, then moved to a ZX11, then lost my taste for Japanese bikes and bought a Ducati 888 Superbike. That got me through until Triumph 955i which was my last street bike for many years. I got married, had kids, work... life just got in the way of my old hobby.

I had good reason to step away in my late 30's - early 40's and that's because I realized I can't ride a bike like a normal person. My throttle had two positions, off and full power. This earned me many broken bones and hospital stays.

Over 13 years later the calling just became too much. Gas prices are skyrocketing (my excuse to the wife) and I missed riding. Gone is the desire to break land speed records and now all I want to do is ride like a normal person and enjoy the freedom of the wide open spaces we have here. I looked at KTM, Ducati, BMW, Triumph, even Indians. Loved the idea of the KTM and Ducati Multistrada but they were more dirt than street.

I learned of the HD PanAm and was intrigued. I couldn't find anything anywhere to actually try before I bought, so a local HD dealer told me they had a PanAm Special coming in and about 7 people were waiting to see it. I just said I would take it - I rolled the dice.

I couldn't be happier.

I've worked through some computer glitches but I'm used to that with modern vehicles in general. Being a pretty tall fella the ride height was perfect, the suspension is outstanding, the custom ride adjustments are fun to tinker with, the ABS seems solid, just all sorts of new safety equipment that I never experienced on a bike before.

Wheel Tire Sky Fuel tank Plant

I think HD knocked this one out of the park. I love seeing HD taking bold steps into new markets. I hope they see great success with this new breed of HD and they make a smaller displacement version for those that don't want 13 to 1 compression on a 1250cc bike. Me? I love the grunt and the seat of the pants acceleration for an enduro (I guess they call them "adventure bikes" now).

The wife protested at first. Then I got it home. The next day we were back at the HD dealership buying her a helmet and leather jacket.

I won!

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Hey I'm from indy too. I will tell you that my better half preferred corbin seat because it provided a larger seating platform for her.

My only recommendation would be to get the highest dlow air filter to open up the performance in the lower rpm. Makes it smoother at 3k.

Otherwise have fun and let me know if you find anywhere stellar to ride.
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