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On the fence

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I’m close to making a decision on the bike. My major concern is with the electronic stuff I was not born with a cell phone in my hand. It seems like if you get a good one your set but if you have issues they are hard to resolve. I have never had issues with any of the Harley’s I have owned. I believe they make a quality product and I am willing to pay for it. So how can I tell if I am buying a bike that is going to work? Maybe I should wait till next year I really don’t want to
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Just to add to this issue the ONLY thing two things i dont like on my bike is the kick stand and the seat. Seat is great for about 45mins then my butt starts complaining.
When you use the kick stand make darn sure its locked in place and holding. Ive dropped the bike 2x because i did not check. It leans like a drunkard too. So when i can i use the service stand.

The thing I dislike about the kick stand is it's length. I sometimes have to lean the bike to the right past upright to get the kick stand to deploy. I was thinking about it the other day that maybe it will deploy better when the engine is off. I believe the ARH might be lowering too much to put the kick stand down when the engine is running.
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