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Delivered last week, found one late in the model year with the options I wanted - - unfortunately 2,000 miles away. . .
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Enjoying the bike, a few accessories (luggage especially) on order - - but pretty functional as is.
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No knock on the Harley OEM accessories, but went with an aftermarket tank bag - - similar attachment points, but doesn't block the fuel fill, in stock, and only about 20% of the cost.
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(Joe Rocket "Manta")

. . . and wired for USB to alleviate modding the USB-C or futzing around with the heated gear leads.
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(Note access to fuel fill - - not that popping the two snaps on the H-D OEM bag that big of hassle, but why if you don't need to. . .)

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Great bike, really enjoying it so far; really believe Harley hit it "out of the park" with this one.

Ride Safe,


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Greetings all and thanks for the welcome, International, no less. . .

So, for the power source, I went direct to the battery. The USB ports are connected to the battery by a SAE to SAE connection, and I was concerned that leaving the USB connected full-time direct to the battery would add another parasitic loss causing battery drain (which as I understand it, is a bit of an issue with this bike). To alleviate this, I leave the SAE to SAE connection "unconnected" and only mate them when I need to draw power - - either running a GPS, charging my phone, etc. No issues to date - - leave the bike off the tender for 24 hours, plug in the tender, and light goes to green in just a few minutes, so doubtful it's draining the battery.

So tucked the wires from the battery up to the right side of the fairing, with enough clearance from the heat of the exhaust and cylinder head.
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The USB ports were purchased from "Amazon":
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Since this is an international thread, wanted to throw in a pic of the better half and I during a tour of the European Alps in August, figured it'd be familiar. . .
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My wife's subtle way of telling me to slow down. . .

Ride safe,

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