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I'm only 3 days and 600kms in and I'm still hardly at 2nd base with this date. For context, I traded in an KTM 890 Adventure R and an Aprilia Tuono V4 RR, both with full tanks of gas....

"If KTM and BWM had a love baby delivered by Willie G" poetic comment from Harley fellow.

Things I love

1) It crawls along at slow speed so nicely. Traffic jams are just boring not painful. Gives you time to play with the settings.
2) Clean air. It stays clean right up through 140kph...breezy but clean. I'm 6' 4"
3) Automatic trick suspension is freaking amazing and for me a life saver because of f'd up hip.
4) Automatic suspension is completely natural feeling. This is really weird because you expect to feel it but it just does its thing around town.
5) Ride mode adjustability...just starting to play with this but I'm liking it so far.
6) Motor...motor...motor I love this motor. I mean really...they did an awesome job with this motor.
7) It color matches with my Harley Revival
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Start by saying what I love/like about bike not worship as I try my best to only worship my Lord, Jesus.
Agree, the ARH is amazing for me as I'm little short in the inseam.
The overall weight of the bike is great, couple times should of been down but was able to keep her up.
Throttle response/acceleration is freaking crazy.
Yeah price a tad high but not crazy expensive.
More seat time more and more I'm loving it and smiles keep coming.
Also, love the color, it matches quite a bit of my wardrobe.
That's a couple things off top my head and I'm an average everyday schmoe comparing to my 07 road king.

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Why do I love thee...........
1. way lighter than my FLHX
2. Lighter than my Multistrada.
3. Better riding position than both other bikes.
4. Love the handling, especially at slow speeds. Tight maneuvers and parking lot woes with a fully loaded down tour bike is a breeze.
5. The suspension / engine performance choices are way better than the Multistrada. More choices, more personal customization.
6. I ordered the ARH only because I figured If I did not like the bike, at least I could sell it with all the bells and whistles for resale. Turns out, I love it. Never did I think that small amount of lowering would make a difference. It does.
7. The motor. I recall the original V-rod motor back in the day as their first attempt at a liquid cooled power plant. While it performed well in the V-rod, it was so heavy and poorly balanced. R-Max motor in this is far superior. The power band is wider than any bike I've ridden.
8. Heated grips. Yup, I like the creature comforts these days.

In short, if this one were lost in a flood, fire, carried away by a gang of thieves, or crushed by a meth crazy garbage truck driver........I'd go buy another one. (after I sorted out the stupid insurance paperwork)
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