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I bought a nice pair of risers for my PAS. With the parts of
It comes 30 mm higher and 21 mm towards you without Interference with anny other parts of the PAS. Even the cable and stuff is long enough.
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The risers preassembled
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From the Top
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Bolt the original clamps on.
Left no it dont touch
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Right it dont touch
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Clear view to the screen
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Quality made Produkt

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Nice looking risers. I think I'm going to go with the Heli Bars risers. They raise the bar 2" and move it back 2". They have risers for many bikes and they've been around for years.
I have installed the heli risers on my 2022 p/a and love them, way more comfortable for me.
I am 5’6” so I was pretty straight armed before.
No problem seeing the dash
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