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Are you an extreme planner, or do you go with the flow? Do you stop to take in the sites, or are all eyes fixed on the destination?

Be it a trip of the past, present or future, tell us about your favorite road trip and share some pictures if you have any!

~MR 😊

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This may end up being little long... I'm a very easy going guy so if we get off track or plans change it's no biggie so I don't mind plans but not a stickler to them. My buddy I ride with I call him "the navigator" as he plans, routes, and whatever for our trips. Think we been on just three trips(longer than a day) but many day trips. For me it's about the ride/scenery and enjoying God's creation, example rode mabdr in Sept and only got thru sections 1-4 but we had plans on doing all 9 and it didn't work out and I'm fine with that, still a great trip!

One that really stands out was last memorial weekend (2021) we went to Daniel boone state park set up "base" camp and rode around eastern kentucky, very good several days of riding. Left on Friday and was sprinkling but soon got into regular to heavy rain rest of the way there and got there late luckily rain let up long enough to set up camp. I was looking for riding gear and bought some klim jacket and pants (I was hesitant to buy (klim gear)but after that day very happy and satisfied with purchase). Only part that got wet was my neck/chest area where rain/water ran down helmet into collar. Oh I was running on fumes when got there but had no idea til next day leaving camp and of course no near gas station and I knew I was gonna run outta gas.

All rides have been great with awesome memories and thank God no major issues.

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So here I am in the great state of New Mexico, and have this dream ride, Border to Border Continental Divide.
Have you done it?
Ya want to?
I have wanted to do this ride for a while now, over 10 years.
Its my dream ride
Whats yours?
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