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Saw on a forum (somewhere) where someone holesawed the center (4") outta their front chain sprocket cover. I did mine today (3 Torx bolts hold it). Took it off and screwed it to a board to drill it. I would recommend a fine tooth 4" holesaw, and I eyeballed it pretty close. I'm a pro scrollsawer, prolly would have done a better job on my scrollsaw though lol. There was quite a bit of gunk inside mine, so cleaned it before I did anything. The advantages include being able to wash the front sprocket off, dirt and/or mud without removing the cover. I used blue Permatex when I reinstalled it.

Chain is white due to Bel-Ray Super Clean lube (I did it 2 weeks ago, goes on white and stays white, does not fling). I HIGHLY recommend this product!

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