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Supertrapp on order, w/discount code = $509.20 shipped.

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Ordered directly from Supertrapp (cheapest way by far that I could find).
20% Discount Code = save20now

As far as I know, only aftermarket pipe national forest approved.
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Looks sharp. Were you able to hear one before ordering?
I did listen to a couple of different sound/vid clips on a PAS Facebook group. I liked the sound, it is tunable by removing discs, and there are no springs on it (I don't care for those).
It looks nice. Do you know if it will fit with sport bags?
Not sure. I have Hepco hard bags, hope it fits with them on lol.
How are you liking the Supertrapp so far? I'm trying to decide between that or a Two Brothers. I like the tunability of the Supertrapp, but would like a nice deep semi loud sound. Would the Supertrapp accomplish this? How many discs are you running now?
To be honest the Supertrapp is a bit loud for me when getting on it lol. Once you are up in gears, it's ok. I'm running their recommended amount of discs that came preinstalled (22 if memory serves).
Does it sound like a dirt bike or does it have a deeper tone to it?
Both lol
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1 - 5 of 11 Posts