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Ok, so originally HD required your VIN and the case showed up keyed for your ignition. I received mine with many packs of tumblers and crap instructions. Go to the HD site for the pack and watch the instructions via video. Made the tumbler build 10x better.

The rack install instructions are absolutely ridiculous as are the quality of the screws. Torque VA shit screw equals tapping them out. The instruction order is not the greatest either. Line everything up and tighten before the next component. Instructions say leave bolts loose, but you can't get to them later.

All that said, a busted knuckle and pride later, it looks pretty good and works great for a couple 12 packs.

I will say that I would not have spent this much if I had a chance to see one before purchasing. It really is HD labeling that you are paying for and Givi packs are 5x better quality.


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