Items For Trade:

I bought one of those china made ebay bountiful Toolbox's for my 22 PAS. They are priced from $80-$115 but they are all the same. The Toolbox works GREAT IF you don't have the plastic OEM railing under/around the seat. I have the HD top case and that hardware is mounted on top of/through the plastic rail structure and didn't feel like cutting the side of it just to have the Toolbox. I'm inspired to jump into the marketplace today as another rider posted this same scenario and I was reminded I could return here and do some horse trading or at least PAS accessory swapping (not a 2-up conversation here...). I don't want to sell anything really but happy to ship it your direction if you've got some after market something you tried and didn't like. I was thinking: TANK BAG? GPS STABILIZER BAR? GAS TANK PROTECTOR? I'M SPITBALLING HERE. I'm in pay it forward mode so really no crazy idea is too crazy.