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Just thought I’d say hello to everyone. I bought my Pan America Special on the 1st of July. Had my 1000 mile service done a few weeks back as well as some trouble shooting an issue/issues I’m having. I’ve ordered up all the hard luggage, aux lights, radiator guard, tank pads, head light guard, and probably something I can’t remember. I opted for Flomoto’s foot pegs on it instead of the grit pegs. So far I like them better then the stock pegs, but time will tell. Im thinking I might order up the tall seat as I’m a overly tall rider. I’m having issues with the bike, but until the current issues reared their ugly head, I loved the bike and the way it handled on the road and in the dirt (dirt/gravel/sand) roads. I’m hoping I can get the issues resolved so I can go back to loving it again. Hopefully Harley will make me a happy Pan America owner again.

I emailed swmotech about a kickstand foot and they replied that they will be coming out with quite a few products in the near future for the Pan America.

This was their reply to my email:

Thank you for contacting us. Yes we just signed off on a ton of products to go into production for this machine, you will see them populate the website towards the end of the year. Keep an eye on this link right before Thanksgiving and then in December for the Sidestand foot/headlight guard / engine guard / crash bars / heel guards / shifter / brake extension / tank ring/tank bag etc

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