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You've heard of Think Bike! I've always turned that on its head when on a motorcycle by, Think(ing) Car! What's it doing now?

But, really, as bikers, what we want is those substandard drivers to acknowledge, they suck at driving, they hate driving and cars, and they'd be better off, on the bus.
The more of "em" we can pack on public transit, buses etc. the less cars are clogging up our fine roads while driving in the wrong lane, lane hogging, being hesitant at roundabouts, having one speed 45mph everywhere, comfort braking etc. etc. Thus providing the freedom available for more motorcyclists and a few extra buses which are far easier to spot sooner and far less erratically driven, normally at least.

So, the next time you come across a minimum effort driver, be nice, and suggest they get the bus the next time and that may even be free of cost. Yes, free. Get the masses on to those fine public transport systems we all have these days, every little helps. I'd be willing to pay a little tiny bit even more in my taxes to pay for it. Fiver Tenner a month should cover it... Perhaps folk could sponsor a shit drivers bus pass costs, adopt a steerer week.

"Have you thought of taking the bus yet? If not, why not?" Going by bus 🚍 =Freedom.

Get the(m on a) bus! YKIMS.
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