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Added front and rear auxiliary lights from Denali. . . Very easy to install and truly "plug and play" with the provided adapters. Was able to snake the rear B6 tail light connector to the under seat wiring harness without having to remove the top case bracketry.
B6 Rear Light (Running Mode):
View attachment 2726

For my style of riding, I don't feel the need for the giant "klieg" style lights, but like the idea of spreading the lights as far apart as feasible so they are more noticeable. Went with the T3s mounted to the air deflectors.

T3 off:
View attachment 2727
(Orange dots on the air deflectors are just retro-reflective stickers)

T3 Lights (Running Mode):
View attachment 2728

T3 Blinker Mode:
View attachment 2729

Happy Trails,

I put that brake light on my bike as well. But it didn't come with the LGB.... :p
261 - 261 of 261 Posts