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Bear with me, I’ll be as detailed as possible.

All this happened on a 200 mile Saturday ride on back country roads, with a buddy on well ridden GS 1250 that’s been from Cancun to Point Barrow, he was amused at the H-D issues. No offense taken, and if he reads this, please wash your bike!

There are two small pins on each side of the windscreen bracket, these pins slide up and down in the slots and prevent the windscreen from falling backwards as mine did. These small pins cost $1.56 each, nothing special. If this happened in a turn, it could have been catastrophic.

Also, there’s 2 ‘stops’ at the top of each slot. I don’t recall ever seeing those. I’m speculating that those were never installed.

Additionally, while sorting out the windscreen on the side of the road, I noticed the dashboard was not connected on one side and rattling loose. My biggest fear was if this falls off, it may kill the engine, get damaged and what are the chances I can get a replacement. And I’m getting low on fuel.

I took it to the dealer on Tuesday morning when they opened, H-D had the 4 parts in stock. My Dealer was kind enough to express ship them in order to get them by Thursday which is when I had a 1,000 mile service scheduled.

They also secured the dashboard on Tuesday morning before I left.

On the 200 mile ride, we swapped bikes to compare the two. I thought the BMW was super smooth and plush, that’s the bike I would ride across the country, larger gas tank and far greater range. The Pan America is faster, has to be ridden very deliberate from shifting to cornering, it prefers the straights. It handles corners just fine, but requires a little more work to get through them. I preferred the Pan America, most of my trips are less than 100 miles, and it’s great for running errands and checking on projects. I’m curious once it gets broken in thoroughly if it’ll smooth out a little?

And finally, I’m checking all the bolts and using lots of blue loctite thread locker to keep it together.
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