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I’ve tried emailing a couple of Denali retailer’s to ask the question but they seem to be using the method of customer service that involves ignoring the customer and hoping they buy something anyway. So I’ll ask hear.

Since fitting the rear box I’m not to happy that it overhangs the rear light to an extent it could prevent it from being seen by someone at the height a truck driver would be sat at. When available I’ll probably fit a ezCAN, but in the meantime I’ll like to fit the Denali T3 switchback rear lights. As the bike is under warranty I’d like to avoid splicing into the stock loom (it’s an option if all else fails).

Denali have published this video and at the 3 minute mark show a plug and play loom that connects rear light, brake light and both indicators. As I cant get an answer from the Denali retailers would anyone here either know of a company that could make the loom or have the expertise to creat one. I’d be happy to have a go (I’m not bet a crimping tool and a bit of wire) if I could find the connectors for sale in the UK.

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